News Bulletin: August 2, 2017

The canoe tug of war champions

90.1 CKPN
August 2, 2017 

  • Last night a youth in Neskatanga suddenly passed away. Fifteen year old Nolan Danny Moonias leaves behind his parents, siblings, paternal grandparents and many friends and family who are grieving his sudden death. A post mortem will be completed in Thunder Bay and more info will be released once the family has made final arrangements.
  • A Webequie youth was medivacced last night after an alleged assault. Details have not been released.
  • Last night Webequie enjoyed performances by Drink Me Pretty, Fred Mitchell and Claude McKenzie at the School Gym. Many people were posting selfies of themselves with Claude McKenzie, and Webequie is happy to host the musicians.
  • Today is Day 2 of the postponed Summer Festival. This evening’s bingo jackpots are $5000 and $10 000. Bingo starts at 4pm in the school gym. Tonight’s festivities include a karaoke competition, and performances by Drink Me Pretty and Claude McKenzie.
  • Yesterday sixteen teams competed in a canoe tug of war. A team made up of Angie Shewaybick, Brett Beaver, Cathy Shewaybick and Terry Yesno took home the $1200 prize.
  • Tomorrow’s festival activities include a hockey shootout competition, a jigging competition, raft making competition and the bingo jackpots are $7500 and $15 000. The poker match starts at 12pm sharp Thursday August 3rd in Portable 1.
  • Wapekeka is hosting a conference on suicide prevention on Monday August 7th. Reporter Hannah Shewaybick will attend, and have the scoop next week.
  • Webequie News wants to see your photos from the Festival and Treaty Day! Send your photos to our Facebook page!
  • Weather:
    Today will be cloudy with patches of sun and a high of 16. Tomorrow will be sunny with a high of 18.



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