Then & Now: Lucille Boyce on growing up in Webequie

Lucille Boyce, photo by Reina Boyce 

Reina Boyce
November 29, 2017 

“On November, 9 2017 I asked Lucille Boyce for an interview about the difference of growing up back then and now.” – Reina Boyce
Lucille Boyce is 38 years old, and she’s been living in Webequie Ontario her whole life. She grew up in Webequie but she went out of town for high school. She mentioned that she went to Thunder Bay for one year and Sault Sainte Marie for two years. But after that she came back to Webequie and finished the last of her credits here. She is currently employed as a rehabilitation worker for Webequie First Nation Health Services.

Webequie has changed through-out the years and Lucille was here to witness parts of the change. Both the youth, the community and the schooling.

She explained how hard it was before, the schooling. It’s more different then now. She said that they only gave one Grade 12 credit each year and she had to wait almost four years to graduate with only a few credits left.

“It was difficult, especially when you have kids and a job,” she explained. “My everyday routine was taking my kids to my mom’s house, then I had to go to school until 10:30. I tried to finish my work quickly, every single day and I worked hard to get an average mark. I was always late for work because it started at 10:00 in the morning. I rushed to work every day on recess. That was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Throughout the interview she mentioned how different the youth are now because of technology and internet.

“We weren’t inside all the time playing with iPods and iPads. We were always outside. We never stayed inside watching TV, the only time I watched TV was on Saturday mornings. Now a days I don’t really see kids outside socializing like we did. It changed when technology and internet came,” she says.

Another question I asked is if she remembered what it was like when the community got running water, she answered, “I was 8 or 9 years old when running water came to Webequie. It got easier when the running water came.” She explained what they did when there wasn’t running water, I thought that was interesting.

She said, “When we needed drinking water, we used to go get clean water across the lake. Sometimes we would catch the water from the rain, after that we would pour the water in big pales. My mom used to boil water just to give me baths, or we would go to outhouses to use the washroom.”

Many people still get water from the lake, even when it’s frozen.


“After doing this interview it made me realize that we are lucky with the stuff we have right now, like food, water, transportation, good schooling and clothes. I realized that it’s easier for us. But at the same time I don’t really think it’s good for our youth with all the technology that’s coming to us.

After the interview I thanked Lucille for her time.” – Reina Boyce




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