Student Reina Boyce on decolonization in Webequie: “Out of all, the soul of an Indigenous person is what’s most beautiful”

February 12, 2018
Reina Boyce

Reina Boyce wrote this reflection on decolonization in Webequie for a class assignment in SJMEC High School’s Indigenous Studies course.

In my generation, our culture is fading away. The struggles have been harder on our youth.

I grew up hearing news from other Indigenous people that Indigenous youth have been taking their lives away or they’re disappearing, their remains are found in the rivers of Thunder Bay, Ontario due to racism.

As a nation, we stand together and heal together through these hard times an act of resurgence.

I grew up learning about our culture and our native language, but not being able to understand it or not being able to speak our language.

Our school teaches it but it seems that our youth don’t make an effort to keep those teachings with them.

As for me, I used to think it was another boring class, but as I get older, I fully understand that keeping our culture alive is important, an act of resistance.

I grow older and I look around the community, I see a lot of acts of resistance. I see the people that speak the native language, I see the art that is painted on the walls of our school.

The ceremonies, the native culture education teachings, just simply not letting go of your identity as an Indigenous person is an act of resistance.

The resurgence of our culture is very important.

Healing from the horrible past Indigenous people went through is one step closer to resurgence.

Our culture is filled with many beautiful things; the language, the teachings, the art, but out of all, the soul of an Indigenous person is what’s most beautiful.

“All we could do, and have been doing, is recovery.”


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